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Statement of Philosophy.

Beerguide does not intend to pay for any advertising for itself, it is a free service for anyone who is interested in the subject matter. Beerguide does not therefore wish to push charges on to others, nor pay to expand its ego. If you want to read these pages we welcome you. If you want to exploit net users - we REJECT you!

Beerguide's ethos is that the net should be free to all those who can afford it AND to those who cannot. Commercialisation of the net is not desirable unless it fulfils these aims along side its own goals.

Beerguide will reciprocally plug anyone's site who will do the same for it for free. Beerguide stands or falls by its service, not its profit.

If you wish to have a link on its pages they must be relevant to the area of real ale and they must be followed by a reciprocal link (as specified below) or it will be removed.

Happy surfing and welcome to these pages.



Rules of Advertising.


Beerguide has a policy of ethical advertising. We will not put links to sites on these pages which we deem to be detrimental to our readers.

Advertisers should also note that their links will be placed on the "Links" page where they can stay indefinitely.

In placing a link on RA&AB, we would request that you place a reciprocal link on your own in the following format:

<FONT SIZE=5 FACE="Arial">FOR REAL ALE AND ACCOMMODATION, TRY OUT THIS LINK TO: <a href="https://www.beerguide.co.uk">Beerguide</a></FONT>

Beerguide cannot be held responsible for any actions undertaken based upon the information supplied by advertisers and will periodically check pages for reciprocal links.

While every effort is taken to make sure entries are correct, circumstances beyond our control can affect the services you receive. In this case we would welcome your comments to update our links.

By using these pages, you accept that using them and the information therein is at your own risk.



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